The Colors of Change

Change… A certainty in everything under heaven, but far from the same from person to person. There’s a rainbow of reactions shading the changes of life, as diverse as the people experiencing them.

So what about you? What color do you see change?

Welcome Home

A welcoming attitude comes more easily to some than to others. For some, people are inherently fascinating, in all their messy uniqueness. So an open door – or open border – comes naturally. Why wouldn’t you want to diversify the circle of people around you? There is so much to be gained and to be learned through a variety of persons. Of course all are welcome.

Yet for others, welcome is not so forthcoming a feeling. For them, fear paints the door with hateful epithets and frightening pictures. Don’t open the door. You don’t know what harm is on the other side.

Either way, there is something missing, a truth that must be taught before welcome is fully established in one’s life.

Mirrors Into Windows

It would be easy, wouldn’t it, to imagine your own heartbreak the worst in the world? That devastation that smashed your world apart, that loss that unglued you, that anxiety that steals your sleep, that addiction that hisses at your door. It would be easy, almost justified, to sit with your suffering, to set a place for it at your table day after day, and allow no other suffering a chair to rest in awhile.

Make Peace

Peace is made. It is not bought like a diamond ring or maintained like a lawn. Peace does not grow like a tree or establish itself like an empire.


It feels small, doesn’t it? Whatever you hold in your hands? A pen. A twenty dollar bill. A glass of water. It doesn’t feel like enough. Not nearly enough. Not when you put it up against the ocean of need.

See the World

If a story could break you apart, slice you deep, burst your heart, and change your view of the world, would you read that story?

Leave the Light on, Please

There are two methods the liberal media uses to paint the news of the world. One is to spread fear across the canvas; the other is to spread hope. Almost inevitably, the media chooses to fill their brushes on the palette of fear.