Losing the Children

If writing were motherhood, we writers would all be perpetually saddled with motherhood guilt, for far too often our words seem to despise us and we fear our own inadequacies. Never should we have become parents, we think as we stare back at our moody teenagers.

Worse still, though, is having your words run from you, like children afraid of punishment.

The Weight of Evil

There it is again. That pressure on your heart that feels like hatred is winning. Like the world will be crushed beneath the weight of it.

The weight of evil that tramples the weak, that glories in death and destruction, that yells with the voice of bombs, that slithers through the waters of society with confidence that it is stronger than the opposition.

A hatred that squeezes between you and hope…

America the Beautiful

We the people still have choices to make. Choices that determine the present and the future of this nation we call home. So here on this Independence Day, I am asking you to make a choice for unity. Because we can pick at each other. We can ignore our neighbors. We can pretend we have nothing in common with the other party. We can build walls and throw hate with enough force to start another civil war. Or we can raise a flag of respect and say…

The Colors of Change

Change… A certainty in everything under heaven, but far from the same from person to person. There’s a rainbow of reactions shading the changes of life, as diverse as the people experiencing them.

So what about you? What color do you see change?

Welcome Home

A welcoming attitude comes more easily to some than to others. For some, people are inherently fascinating, in all their messy uniqueness. So an open door – or open border – comes naturally. Why wouldn’t you want to diversify the circle of people around you? There is so much to be gained and to be learned through a variety of persons. Of course all are welcome.

Yet for others, welcome is not so forthcoming a feeling. For them, fear paints the door with hateful epithets and frightening pictures. Don’t open the door. You don’t know what harm is on the other side.

Either way, there is something missing, a truth that must be taught before welcome is fully established in one’s life.